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The month is half over and I have one question for you! How are you using this fabulous event to grow your business?

Do your customers know that this is a special month?

  • Write up a press release for your local paper!
  • Host an Open House!
  • Send out your email newsletter and make an announcement!
  • Create a fun event on Facebook and invite everyone!
  • Send postcards to your family and neighbors!
  • Call and remind your past hostesses!
  • Make a poster for your car window! Put it up inside the window while you’re parked doing errands!
  • Make yourself a pin that says “I luv NHTM” with a teacup underneath! Wear it everywhere to start conversations!

What can you do TODAY, to let your customers know that you are celebrating?


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Get out and mingle with tea lovers in your area! It's fun and will help your build your business with lasting relationships.

Get out and mingle with tea lovers in your area! It's fun and will help you build your business with lasting relationships.

You have a great business based on a theme! Tea Parties are much loved and sought after by women of all ages!
These ladies are what we call your target market or niche market. Where to find them?  That’s the fun part! Yes, you heard me right, it’s fun to go out and find bookings to build your business!
I’ve heard this described as “Lifestyle Bookings”. Go out and about, live your life-do your errands and meet the people.
As you do this, listen.  As you listen offer the pleasure of having a tea party!
Now, the post office clerk may not be the right person but you never know until you listen and then offer.
So many  direct sellers get this mixed up. They ask and then listen and then wonder why they feel a bit pushy.
So listen first, engage in conversation and relationship building. Then offer your services!
Now, get out and meet the tea lovers in your area! 
Where you ask? Do some poking around and a bit of research. Check your local papers and ask your friends. Thumb thru the tea time magazines.
Where are the women in your area meeting this month?
A few places to look are:
  • House and Garden Tours- women love to admire beauty! Often the refreshments served are tea themed!
  • Book Signing Events- women love to read, chat and be the first in line!
  • Church Sponsored Teas- Have you checked with your own church? You may want to get involved with this one!
  • Estate Sales- women love to poke and find a great deal – the larger the sale the more people you will meet
  • Library Events- many libraries offer events focused on local speakers or entertainment- tea time falls right in line with this as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          So, put on your prettiest tea party hat, place a few samples of tea in your purse and get out to meet the tea lovers in your area! Remember to have fun and always wear your smile! Don’t forget your calendar to schedule all those tea parties and write down all the phone numbers!

The photo is from http://www.shedstyle.com/2008/05/06/shed-shindigs-party-time-in-texas/. Take a moment to visit this blog and see why the ladies are having so much fun!

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June is national iced tea month

June is national iced tea month

Did you know that iced tea is the most consumed beverage in America next to water?! What are you doing to promote your business this summer? Do you offer Iced Tea Garden Parties? How about Iced Tea Bingo Parties? Remember, offering events this summer will increase attendance thus increasing  your customer and hostess base.  Your customers are busy with family over the next several weeks but they also need an excuse to relax and have some “Me Time”. Making your Tea Parties a themed event with fun and social interaction will be just the excuse they need to schedule a tea party with you!

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Welcome to our new blog! My goal is to share tips and information to help us all create the kind of success we dream about!
The tea industry is booming and so is the direct selling industry. This is where you want to be. Stop listening to the TV/Media tell you how bad things are and take 100% responsibility to make it happen for you and your family!

This is not a one-woman show, so please share, comment and link to us!
Remember; “Service first, Selling follows, Success happens”

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